International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the remarkable achievements and resilience of women worldwide. It’s a day to advocate for our rights, inclusion, and equality.

However, as I scrolled through my social media feed, I couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme: many women still feel undervalued and yearn for the day when they’ll be appreciated every day of the year.

Celebrating Resilience: The Essence of International Women’s Day

While it’s crucial to acknowledge the systemic barriers and discrimination that women face, I firmly believe that true empowerment begins within. No external validation, compliment, or success can fill the void of self-worth. The key to genuine happiness and fulfillment lies in our own hands.

Breaking Free from the “Not Good Enough” Mindset

Far too often, women fall into the trap of the “I am not good enough” mindset. They may receive praise for their groundbreaking work, have a supportive network, and countless opportunities, yet still struggle with burnout, depression, and a sense of inadequacy. Why? Because they haven’t yet embraced their inherent worth.

We can fight tirelessly for equality and recognition, but will this fight alone make us happy and fulfilled?

Systemic changes happen over a long period, and while we work towards them, we must not allow ourselves to feel unworthy or unhappy in the process.

No external validation, compliment, or success can fill the void of self-worth!

Personal Growth Through Adversity: A Story of Self-Worth

I know this from personal experience… I’ve fought fiercely against the lack of understanding and support whilst going through several devastating struggles in my life, only to realize that I was hurting myself in the process.

Fighting against what I couldn’t control was only causing me more pain and suffering.

The Journey to Self-Empowerment: Looking Inward for Validation

No one can truly comprehend the depths of our pain or the unique path we must take to heal ourselves.
That journey is ours alone.

It took me time to understand that the only person I could truly change was myself, and that my energy was better spent on healing and growth rather than battling external circumstances.

Raising Standards: The Power of Recognizing Your Worth at 100%

Once we begin to recognize and embrace our inherent worth, we can start setting higher standards for ourselves in every aspect of our lives. We begin to understand that we deserve nothing less than the best, and we refuse to settle for anything that doesn’t align with our deepest desires and values.

For instance, after my first marriage ended, I made a pledge to myself: I would never settle for anything less than what my heart and soul truly desired. I stayed single for five years, focusing on completing myself rather than seeking completion in another. I set the highest expectations for my life and refused to compromise, even when faced with potential partners who seemed like a 98% fit. I knew I would only give my heart to my 100%, my equal.

Empowerment from Within: Shifting Perspectives

This unwavering commitment to my own worth was transformative. It taught me that we don’t need to wait for external approval or validation to feel valuable. We are the only ones who can truly see and embrace our strength.

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, I invite you to shift your perspective. Instead of hoping for the world to change, focus on changing your inner world. Recognize that you are the author of your own worth, and no one can take that power away from you.

Imagine a world where women everywhere rise up and claim their inherent value. A world where we no longer seek approval from others but instead radiate confidence from within.

Envisioning a World of Empowered Women: The Collective Rise

I believe that when we do this collectively, we can raise the consciousness of the entire planet.

Start by treating yourself with the love, respect, and reverence you deserve.
Surround yourself with people who celebrate your light and support your growth.
And most importantly, never settle for less than the extraordinary life you were born to live.

Together, let us create a world where equality is not just a dream, but a reality born from the unshakable belief in our own worth.

Here’s to embracing your inner queen, today and every day!

With Love and Bliss,

Milady A