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I’m Milady A, your ally on the expedition to unearth the treasures of joy, luxuriate in life’s indulgences, and unveil your genuine persona.

This venture is profoundly personal, emanating from a chapter of my life that brought about transformation, and I am filled with anticipation to share it with you.

My tale originates in the sphere of corporate life, where I devoted a decade and a half to leadership roles.

Yet, the chase for success on behalf of others left a void within me, a yearning for something more profound. Thus, I resolved to direct my energies and experiences towards a cause that resonated with me deeply: augmenting the quotient of human happiness.

This resolution signified the onset of my journey as a writer and entrepreneur. Across five years, laden with challenges but equally rewarding, I composed my inaugural autobiographical novel, narrating my journey of surmounting life’s sternest trials, including my mother’s early-onset dementia and the tragic suicide of my father.

This endeavor was not merely an act of sharing my narrative, but also a confrontation and processing of decades of grief that had been concealed within me.
Yet, life has a knack for balancing grief with joy.

Amid the agony and heartache of my mother’s decay, I discovered my soulmate, who endearingly bestowed upon me the name ‘Milady A’.

The affection and support from this union became my beacon of strength, aiding me in navigating the tumultuous voyage of self-discovery and healing.

Despite the hurdles that accompanied the publishing of my book, notably in the aftermath of a global pandemic that disrupted all my plans, I stayed resolute. I found tranquility in simple pleasures like baking and cooking, anchoring myself in the present moment.

From these experiences, ‘Bliss By Milady A’ emerged. Having navigated the murky depths of pain and the luminous summits of joy, I comprehend that happiness is discovered when we dare to be ourselves, embracing what genuinely brings us joy, devoid of the fear of judgment or rejection.

Through ‘Bliss By Milady A’, I aspire to steer you towards your own fountains of joy and self-discovery. Here, you will encounter content designed to inspire, uplift, and empower you to lead a life brimming with bliss and luxury. Join me, and together, let’s craft our world into a happier dwelling, one delightful moment at a time.

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In my literary debut, ‘Het Einde Is Nu’ (‘The End Is Now’), I, Aniana Taelman, unravel a poignant, autobiographical journey. This intimate narrative lays bare the immense, yet fiercely repressed sorrow that trailed my father’s suicide—a sorrow that resurfaced during my mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. The book spotlights my battles, my heartache, and the joy I managed to reclaim.

I held my silence about my father’s suicide for two decades. “The pain was unbearable, a desolation in the harshest sense,” I confess. “But then, I made a decision: Enough of death. I yearn to embrace life again!”

Penning ‘Het Einde Is Nu’ was a grueling journey. “I was no writer; I honed my craft by withdrawing from the world for three years. Yet, the idea of writing my story couldn’t be entertained without first processing it. I confronted the unprocessed trauma within me, continually pushed away. The healing process was brutally hard, yet utterly crucial. Trust me, happiness is out there, waiting for us, but only when we dare to squarely face our pain,” I express.

Please be aware that ‘Het Einde Is Nu’ is currently accessible only in Dutch. For additional details, please visit