A New Dawn:
Rediscovering Joy Together

A Reunion Long Awaited

Hello there, beautiful soul, it’s Milady A here! You might remember me as Aniana Taelman.
It feels like a lifetime has passed since we last connected in the transformative year of 2020, when my debut work, ‘Het Einde Is Nu’, was unveiled. We were fellow travelers on a remarkable journey then, and today, I’m thrilled to reignite that bond and embark on a fresh adventure with you.

Navigating the Storm

Our world was turned upside down. As we were preparing for a vibrant series of talks and events to celebrate my book’s release, an unexpected intruder, COVID-19, disrupted our plans, causing a ripple effect of cancellations and a whirlwind of uncertainty. This seismic shift left indelible marks on our lives and businesses. It wasn’t just our budding publishing and writing venture that was impacted, but numerous other facets of our professional and personal lives as well. My husband and I found ourselves navigating a labyrinth of challenges, teetering on the brink of despair.

Finding Resilience Amid Chaos

Yet, in this abyss, we discovered a resilient spirit that inspired us to reimagine our future. Amid the turmoil, we rediscovered our rhythm, a rhythm rooted in our unique bond and love. This love guided us through all the adversities we encountered, and it was this love that made us choose to dance in the rain rather than wait for the storm to pass.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

The past three years have been a deep dive into self-discovery. They led me further into the abyss of loss, unearthing wounds that yearned for healing. The body is a faithful scribe, documenting every trauma and often trapping us in its echoes. The whirlwind of anxieties, doubts, and fears threatened to eclipse my inner light. Yet, I found my way back to joy, back to my essence, back to the radiant sunshine within me.

Embracing Joy

Escaping from the confines of my mind, my past, and the narrative that held me captive, pursuing what I love became my guiding light. No longer did I labor incessantly, spending every waking moment immersed in my tale of pain and grief. Instead, I began doing things with my heart, with my hands. Cooking, baking, cultivating fresh herbs in my garden – any activities that brought me joy and, in the process, brought me delight. Expression had always been my healing balm for trauma, as I did with writing. But now, I took it a step further, expressing my true self, my values, my thoughts, my passions, my aspirations, and dreams. I let my light shine, a light that had been dimmed for too long because others couldn’t always bear it. In trying to meet their expectations, I dimmed my light. But this had the opposite effect; it nearly broke me because I couldn’t live my life authentically, as the genuine me.

Transforming Life Through Focus

This is how I transformed my life, by shifting the focus. I won’t claim to be perpetually radiant, as the remnants of trauma always linger. However, I can honestly tell you that whenever my fears or doubts pull me down, I will always seek ways to rise again; I will always choose the path of healing over the path of victimhood. This is the message I want to share with the world, to help you all live in a more blissful world.

Introducing ‘Bliss By Milady A’

Today, I stand before you, more resilient than ever, ready to introduce ‘Bliss By Milady A’. It is a testament to this transformative journey, a beacon of joy and indulgence, and a platform for expression. It’s a celebration of life’s peaks and valleys, a reminder that we are here to embrace life, regardless of our past.

A New Identity

As I transition into this new phase, I’m shedding my author’s name and continuing this journey as ‘Milady A’, a name that has been a gentle whisper from my soulmate, even before we united as a couple. But that’s a love story for another day.

A Daily Dose of Bliss

For now, I am here to share with you a ‘Daily Dose of Bliss’, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the splendor of Full Bloom Living, basking in the radiant glow of bliss and happiness.

Alongside these daily doses of joy, every other week, I will be sharing more personal reflections. I will be completely honest and open about my own journey, showing you how I navigated from the deepest depths back to my level of Bliss. I will share insights tailored to what you tell me you need.

Bliss cannot exist without darkness. That is the challenging, yet also the beautiful fact of life.

It’s through sharing these experiences that I hope to inspire you to live your life differently, more blissfully.

A Significant Change

As we recommence this journey together, I’d like to address a significant change. We’ve always connected in Dutch, the language of our shared history. But as I step into this new phase, I am choosing to communicate in English, a global language that reflects the universal essence of joy and bliss.

Continuing the Journey Together

If you’re ready to continue this journey, subscribe to the Daily Dose of Bliss.
I am more than thrilled to have you onboard. Your stories, insights, and dreams are always welcome. Feel free to reach out, share your journey, seek advice, discuss collaborations, or even extend an invitation for a speaking engagement. I am here, always ready to lend an ear.

Inspiring Bliss

May this daily infusion of joy inspire, uplift, and empower you to lead a life brimming with bliss and delight.

With love and bliss,

Milady A